PeAk Hydraulics

Hydraulic Systems Design, Build, Installation, Commission, Service, Repairs & Component Supply.

With Over 35 Years Experience within the Hydraulic Industry!

Hydraulic Power Pack Systems, Cylinders, CETOP Valves & Manifolds.

Standard & Bespoke Hydraulic Industrial & Mini Power Pack Systems ranging from 0.37kW up to 45kW Electric Motor Power Inputs with Output Flows ranging from 1.5 to 135 Litres Per Minute & Output Pressures ranging from 1 to 700 BAR (70 MPa). 

Bespoke Double & Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders 3D Designed Specifically to suit Customers Individual Applications.

CETOP 3, 5, 7, 8 & 10 Solenoid, (12 & 24 Volt DC & 110 & 230  Volt, 50Hz, AC Coils) Lever & Pilot Operated Directional Control Valves & Sandwich Modules Valves to include:- Pressure Relief, Flow Control, Pilot Operated Check, Pressure Reducing, Sequence & Overcentre/Counterbalance Valves. 

CETOP 3, 5, 7, 8 & 10 Sub-plates & Manifolds with, 1 to 10 Stations, in Parallel or Series System Machined Ports, With or Without Relief Valve Cartridge.

Mini & Micro Hydraulic Power Packs in 12 & 24 Volt D.C. and up to 2.2kW, 110 & 240 Volts, 50Hz, Single Phase & un to 4kW, 415/440 Volts, 50/60Hz, 3 Phase.  With Output Flows from 0.22 Litres Per Minute up to 30 Litres Per Minute Output Pressures up to 280 BAR (28 MPa). 

Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

Hydraulic Gear Pumps Available in Single, Tandem, Triple & Quad in both Aluminium & Cast Iron Body designs. 

With Output Flows ranging from 1 to 150 cc/rev  and Pressure ranges up to 290 BAR (29MPa).  

Gear Motors & Flow Dividers with various displacement and Pressure Capacities are also available within the range. 

P.T.O. Gear & Bent Axial Piston Pumps with Pressures up to 350 BAR (35 MPa).

Variable Displacement Pressure Compensated Piston Pumps with Displacements Flows of 29 to 73 cc/rev and Working Pressures up to 280 BAR (28MPa). Available with Load Sensing & Torque Limiter.


P.T.O. Gearboxes
Hand Pumps 
Monoblock, Sectional,
Load Sensing, Diverter & Pilot Directional Control Valves.

P.T.O. Gearboxes, Switches, Tipping Valves & Handbrake Interlock Kits available from a wide range of Manufacturers.

Double & Single Acting Hydraulic Hand Pumps with Displacements from 1.7 to 70 cc per stroke and Working Pressure up to 700 BAR ( 70 MPa) Max.

Monoblock, Sectional, Load Sensing Valves Directional Control Valves with 1 to 12 Sections (Sectional) & Working Pressures up to 315 BAR (31.5 MPa). 

Diverter Valves  2, 3, 4, 6, 8, & 10 Way , With Flows up to 280 Litres Per Minute & Working Pressures up to 315 BAR (31.5 MPa). Available with Lever, Electrical Solenoid, Hydraulic/Pneumatic pilot, Cable & Cam operated controls.

Remote Control Joysticks, Pedals, Pilot or Cable Operated & Radio Remote Paddle Controls.  

Hydraulic Circuit In-Line Cartridge Valves
Bellhousings, Drive Couplings
Oil Coolers

Pressure Relief, Solenoid & Pilot Operated Check, Dual & Single Over-centre/Counter-Balance, Flow Controls, High/Low Pressure Relief Unloader Valves, Priority & 50:50 Flow Dividers, Diverters & Hose Burst Valves in various BSP Threaded Port Sizes, with Steel Bodies and Working Pressure up to 350 BAR (35 MPa). 

Multiplication & Reduction Gearboxes, Mechanical & Electro-Magnetic Clutches, Bellhousings & Drive Couplings

Filters & Reservoir/Tank Accessories. 

 Air Blast & Water Oil Coolers both In-line and Off-line systems available.  

Hydraulic & Electric Operated Vehicle Winches Available. 

Professionals at work

With Over 35 Years Experience Within the Hydraulic Industry! 

Qualified to: Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Open)